Jesus Arose

Jesus arose after He hung on Calvary's cross,
He shed His own blood so we'd never be lost;
The world sends false prophets along the way,
But Jesus is the only One still living today!

Jesus arose after lying in a borrowed tomb,
Death, for our Savior, had no welcome room;
He paid for our sins as He hung on that tree,
Providing salvation, all we would ever need!

Jesus arose after three days, like God's word said,
Even crucifixion couldn't make Him stay dead!
When it came time for the stone to roll away,
God's holy breath accomplished it that day!

Jesus arose as our risen Saviour & Lord,
It's something no one has ever done before;
He arose after three days & still lives today,
His crimson blood still cleanses & saves!

Karen Icenhour
Easter 2015