After Three Days


After three days, Jesus rose from the grave,

His blood, giving the way for all to be saved;

They crucified Him on place Calvary's rugged cross,

So there might not be one soul who is lost!


After three days, the tomb swung open wide,

No power on earth could keep Him inside;

It happened just like God's word had said,

After three days, Christ arose from the dead!


After three days, our Saviour came back to life,

Becoming victorious over death, sin, & strife;

The only one crucified, who then rose again,

Our salvation comes by trusting in Him!


After three days, His promise then came true,

He conquered death & sin, as no one else could do;

He keeps every promise His word has ever given,

What a glorious day when He takes us to Heaven!


Written for

Easter 2014  Karen Icenhour