Our Nation's Progress

Our nation began on a strong foundation of faith,
By founding fathers, wise in asking God the way;
They prayed together, for America's laws & needs,
Being Christian helped make us independent & free!

Our nation's progress has changed over the years,
Drifting from God, to Him, we aren't still near;
For some reason, man feels like he has it made,
So he removed God, & even the privilege to pray!

Our nation's progress continues getting worse,
Without God's blessing, we're under His curse;
Our elected official feels he must apologize,
That Christianity is part of our nation's life!

The only way for our nation to be great again,
Is by turning back to God from our evil life of sin;
We need His forgiveness for all our wicked ways,
Oh, how America needs His blessing on us today!

**For July 4th
By Karen Icenhour

Happy 4th of July!!!  
Fly Old Glory proud and high!
"The American flag: 'a threat'?"
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